Untitled II, 2015.

Projector lights, slide viewer and wooden tables, Variable measures Sala Projeto Fidalga. São Paulo, Brazil.

Untitled is a series of 5 old projectors. The work presents the lights of these projectors as the central element. They question the relation between the photography and time. It’s a question: “What photography has to say”.

The artwork is composed of the sum of the light, the projector and time. All of them are transforming elements of the work. The old projector that had already told several histories with the symbolic charge of an apparatus that it fell into complete disuse, the faint light, almost opaque that survived the weight of years, and the time, that had created the image projected at the wall. They are all chapters of a history because all images are made for the act of telling.

With this work, i would like to propose a "standstill time” where the observer is invited to reflect about the value of the photograph and the time that went by.