The Squid chooses its ink, 2018.

“The catfish is dead”.
We broke up sadly. The bookseller came back with me.
For some reason that i did not understand at all his company cheered me up.
In font of Las Margaritas while the sprinkler monotonously watered the garden,I exclaimed:
“I blame him for his lack of curiosity”. I said with my eyes on the stars.
“How many Americans and Terranovas have we lost tonight”
Bioy Casares, Adolfo

“The Squid chooses its ink” starts with a singing sound of a whale specie usually referred as the 52hz Whale. Although its singing has been captured multiple times, is not yet known which kind of specie it is, since the whale was never actually seen. Using this recorded data, “The Squid Chooses Its Ink” creates a relationship with vulcanos located on the abyssal zone that were first captured by a documentary on BBC called “Life" in the end of 2000’s. In the same way that we’re only aware of this whale specie existence through its sound, the only public proof of the vulcano activity is a recorded video.

For the Tollbooth gallery, the video installation combine the singing and the sound waves of the 52hz whale with the videos of the vulcanos on the abyssal zone creating a parallel between the duality of being able to feel without seeing and seeing without being able to feel.